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Jeevamrut is a magic plant food. It is a first step for being a chemical free gardener! It makes your soil healthy and acts like elixir for your plants. it boosts immunity of plants making it disease resistent.


It increases good bacteria count in soil. These invisible bacterias helps in adding nitrogen to your potted soil directly from air itself. Making your gardening chemical free. 


It can be aplied directly to roots through soil or can be used as a foliar spray. It enhances fruit bearing in plants, Increases soil fertility, increases microorganisms in the soil, strengthens roots.



1 : 5 ( 1 Part of Vermiwash in 5 parts water) Dilution for soil drenching , Increases nitrogen fixing bacteria counts acts as catalyst for humus formation.


1 : 10 ( 1 Part of Vermiwash in 10 parts water) Foliar spray beneficial for leaf nutrients absorptions it also act as insect repellent. Protects plant from any disease by increasing its immunity power.


Frequency of Usage:
Once in 15 days Depends upon growth stage of plant,


Best Suited for:

All plants

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