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20kg Vasudha Vermicompost

20kg Vasudha Vermicompost

"Vasudha Vermicompost" is an Inhouse Organic fertilizer brand of Begreenss. We manufacture completely organic and NPK rich vermicompost at our unit situated at Roha.

Our granular vermicompost, Initiates flowering and gives healthy boost to plant which results in beautiful foliage.

  • Highly enhances New budding resulting is cutelittle twigs
  • Boosts Flowering and Fruiting in plants
  • 11 times more nutrients than soil
  • Makes soil light in weight and worm rich
  • Odorless and fully neutralize
  • Ideal for potted plants, Succulents, Organic Farms, Vegetable plants, Fruit orchards, Garden Plants
  • Contains worm eggs
  • Slow release fertilizer, rich in NPK
  • Improves aeration and Water holding
  • Weed free Lawns


Benefits of using "Vasudha Vermicompost":

  • Odour and Chemical free
  • Ideal for potting mix
  • Enhances movement of earthworms
  • Improves soil texture 


How To Apply Vasudha Vermicompost:

  • Losen up the top 2 inch of soil without damaging the stem and Roots
  • Add 2 or 3 Fistfull around plant soil ( depending upon Plants age and Pot size)
  • Frequency for potted plants once in 3 weeks
  • For Mango tree, Coconut, Chikoo etc trees -2kg per plant ( Twice a year)
  • Add this into your potting mix while repotting, it will result in better growth

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