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Buddy Vermiwash

Buddy Vermiwash

SKU: 1 Liter

BUDDY Vermiwash This ready to eat food for plants intiates flowering and lasting inflorescence and shows results within days. Small quantity of Buddy Vermiwash added during regular water cycles has worked like magic for all the variety of plants. It is rich in dissolved nutrients and its rich in amino acid which increases the rate of photosynthesis in plants.



1 : 5 ( 1 Part of Vermiwash in 5 parts water) Dilution for soil drenching , makes root absorption faster and reduces harmful pathogens in the soil.


1 : 10 ( 1 Part of Vermiwash in 10 parts water) Foliar spray beneficial for leaf nutrients absorptions.


Frequency of Usage:
Once in 7 days or 15 days Depends upon growth stage of plant,


Best Suited for:

Potted Houseplant. Ex. Rose, Hibiscus, Curry Leaves, Marigold, Lemon grass, Tulsi and all vegetable crops as well. 

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