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How to take care of succulents

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Succulents are fleshy, thickened leaves or stem plants. These plants looks closer to cactus family but that's not the actual case. They are draught tolerant and very susceptible and vulnerable to over watering. here are few tricks to keep your succulents growing and keeping them in good health.

These little plant companions are undoubtedly the cutest, which leads to plant mom and dad caring too much, which sadly may result in spoiling these little cuties.

Succulent Hacks:

(Indian Sub-continental environment)


Choose a small pot as the roots are never bigger than 3 inch. Terracotta are the best choice, if not available make sure the por has lots of drainage holes at the bottom. (PS: Lots of!)

Potting Mix:

1 part River Sand

1 part Vermicompost

0.5 part Perlite or Rice husk

0.5 part Cocopeat

(If available add Charcoal and neem khali 2 spoons each)

Note: Avoid Thermocoal balls


Water only when the total soil is dry!! Water just once a week(10days gap for when temperature is lesser than 25°c). Let the soil dry out completely between watering. Add water on the soil surface and make sure the leaves doesn't get wet. When you water make sure the water runs out through bottom drainage.

Note: Never water twice a week , NEVER.


2- 3 hours of morning sun is necessary to these plants. However harsh sunlight should be avoided. Bright Indirect light area with just a little sunlight would be enough.


Feb to August is the best period to fertilize succulents. Do it twice in this time period. Vermi wash liquid Fertilizer or Vasudha Vermicompost would be enough.

Do let us know how do you care your care for your succulents. It Would be exciting to learn from your suggestions.

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