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How to apply Vermicompost or Any organic Fertilizer to plant?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

First of all, don't water the plant you want to fertilize for at least two days. Then check the soil of that plant, the top 1 inch soil should be dry or it shouldn’t be completely wet. Completely Dry soil is fine but avoid adding fertilizer in Wet soil as There is a huge possibility of fungus formation.

While fertilizing, don't just put fertilizer on top of the pot, dig the top 1-2 Inch soil without harming the roots and spread the Vasudha Vermicompost like a ring surrounding the stem. Avoid applying the fertilizer directly near the stem. If you just add Vermicompost to the top soil without mixing, it may be likely to flow away while watering; lastly the Vermicompost should be mixed completely with soil.

Third and important thing many Home gardening lovers forget, it is very important to water the plant after any fertilizer is given.

Fertilizers are likely to be given when there are soft rays in the morning or after the sunset in the evening. When the weather is hot, never fertilize the plant. That's why the time to fertilize the plant is equally important.

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