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How to Get rid of Tiny small snails in potted plants

Rainy season and humid atmosphere is the favorite season for the snails and slugs in garden. If we plant parents and gardeners do not pay timely attention to them then they multiply and start feasting on your plants voraciously. One might mistake that snails in garden is a good thing as these cute looking green tiny snails move slowly and make us believe they can be our pet, But once there eggs hatch, they multiply quickly and can affect the plants badly.

These small snails may enter your garden's potted plants by different means. Which includes getting new plants from your nearest Plant nursery as well. Hence it is advisable to keep the new brought plants in separate section.

How to prevent snail attack in your balcony Garden?

  • One of the best remedy to stop these small snails thrive in your garden is to keep the moisture and water levels in control. In simple words, Let the top one inch soil dry out before watering again. These snails in plant pot require wet soil to survive, if we keep the soil surface dry in between then they wont be able to survive and will leave your plants alone

  • Never put fresh fruit peels and food leftovers around plant stem to decompose it is not at all a good idea as the pathogens generated in decompose process may invite many diseases for your plant and most importantly snails loves to eat fresh fruit leftovers

  • Keep rotating top soil around the plant so that the soil gets enough sunlight which reduces snails egg hatching rate

  • Avoid watering plants in the evening as these snails are being nocturnal they are highly active in the night time

How to get rid off excessive snails which are on the plant and Soil?

  1. Keep cucumber or tomato cutting on the surface of the soil in the evening time , in the next morning you will see most of the snails gathered on the fruit cutting. throw this fruit cutting away along with the snails

2. To take care of the plant Circle the plant with dry ash or crushed egg shell. as the skin of these snails is very delicate they avoid trailing over ash and egg shell as it damages their outer skin

3. These small snails in the plant pot just hate any strong smell present around hence applying Jeevamrut, turmeric water, Garlic water, Coffee powder, Neem leaves crush on the top soil make the snails to leave the potted plant immediately

These are the methods which we have found effective, let us know your experience once you try these methods. Happy Gardening! and Begreenss

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02 oct. 2022

It is very Informative, Thanks for sharing the information with us & always help our plants for 🐝🍀


30 sept. 2022

Helpful indeed👍🏼

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