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ICICI Platinum Credit Card Review – Whenever A New Individual wants a Good Features-Packed Credit Card But does not have a credit history and does not have much knowledge about credit cards then the ICICI platinum credit card could be a fantastic option to choose and get by a fully digital process.

it helps start And build your credit score and helps to maintain Your Cibil Score in between a Good to an Excellent Position. Moreover, the applicant does not need to pay any Annual or Joining Fee. This is one of the good Entry-Level Credit cards issued by ICICI Bank.

It is Reward Points Based Card for Users. its Reward Points follow the PAYBACK icici bank rewards program to earn and redeem each and every reward point into several options such as movie and travel vouchers to lifestyle products, mobiles, appliances, and more

When you Do Retail Shopping by using this card, It offers to earn 2 Reward Points on every ₹ 100 or Above purchases Excluding Fuel Spending. which makes this card one of the most popular Entry-level cards issued by ICICI Bank.

Furthermore, it offers Flat 1 Reward Points on every ₹100 purchase in selected categories like utilities and insurance categories

it comes with an embedded microchip to add an extra layer of Safety while you do transactions using the contactless payment method.

What Are The ICICI Platinum Credit Card Offers And Benefits

This is A Fixed Deposit Based Credit card from ICICI Bank. it mainly focuses on beginners who want to build their credit score to start their journey and get more credit cards and loans from Banks And NBFC Authorities. For Get this card, you must have to do a Fixed Deposit (FD) of the minimum amount of 20,000 for at least 180 days. After that, the bank will decide your credit limit around 75% to 85%.

You can use the limit anywhere, online or offline, and get reward points on each spends. moreover, it supports all premium benefits such as –

  1. Contactless Payment Method

  2. 2 Reward Points on each Shopping on Retail Shopping

  3. Fuel Surcharge Waiver

  4. Culinary Treats

  5. EMI Facility

  6. Reward Points Redemption on multiple options

it could be an awesome Entry-level credit card for you to maintain your credit score and have a few savings As A Form of Fixed Deposit. Moreover, it offers reward points which you can redeem into movies, travel vouchers, Daily products, mobiles, appliances, and others by using PAYBACK Rewards Powered By ICICI Bank Reward Programme

Apart from that, it is a completely lifetime free of charges credit card, therefore the cardholder doesn’t need to pay any Annual membership fee and joining charges to apply and get the card.

However, you must have aged up to 23 years old to be fully eligible for the card.

How to Use Reward Points Redemption

You can convert you’re every earned ICICI Reward Point into Vouchers, Movies, Travel, Appliances, Lifestyle Products, and Mobiles. you have to visit ICICI Bank Rewards by PACK BACK Website to redeem ICICI Reward Points into products, vouchers, and more.


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