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[S5E12] Jungle Moon

Stevonnie finds themself trapped on the life-bearing moon of a planet harvested for its resources long ago. After a time surviving in the strange new environment, they find an old Diamond base and set up camp there, trying to survive in the abandoned structure.

[S5E12] Jungle Moon


Following the space battle against Emerald, Stevonnie crash lands on the nearby jungle world. They try to contact Lars, but the "Star Skipper" is too damaged to do so. Stevonnie adapts to overcome their new strange environment while searching for a way off-world. They hunt food, pick fruit, and drink water from a pond with another alien life form.

She then turns into an amalgamation of Dr. Maheswaran and Yellow Diamond while the house turns into a moon base. Stevonnie suddenly tries to get Yellow's attention, acting as though they are allies. They quickly get into an argument about why she can't have an army or a fleet and declares that she is just as important as Yellow, hence she is entitled to these things. It is revealed that the dream is actually a past conversation between Yellow and Pink Diamond, represented by Stevonnie. Yellow is enraged by Pink's pestering and snaps at her to start acting like she's important. This ultimately angers Pink, causing her to storm away from Yellow's control desk.

In this episode, Stevonnie, the fusion of protagonist Steven and his best friend Connie, is stranded on the moon of an alien planet. While there, they have a dream involving a memory of the Diamonds, the leaders of the tyrannical Gem Homeworld. The dream gives the viewer their first look at Pink Diamond, who Steven has been told was assassinated by his mother Rose Quartz millennia ago.

As the episode begins, Stevonnie (AJ Michalka) has just won a battle to defend the starship commanded by Steven's friend Lars (Matthew Moy), disabling the enemy's ship; but Stevonnie's spacecraft is damaged. Out of control, it crash-lands on the alien moon below and explodes.

Stevonnie is unharmed, protected by Steven's magic bubble, and begins to explore their surroundings. In the sky above hangs the planet that the moon orbits; its surface is riddled with huge cavities, as if the planet's mass has been eaten away. They find their spacecraft's radio, but it is too damaged to contact Lars. As they begin to panic, they are attacked by an insect-like alien creature; they fight it off and resolve to survive until Lars can find them. They forage for food and encounter strange plant and animal life. They camp in a cave, cook their food over a campfire, and shave with the blade of their sword.

Stevonnie awakens and, exploring the tower further, realizes that it was the site of the conversation in their dream and, like the similar tower on Earth's moon, the headquarters of Gem colonization of the broken planet above. They find the window that Pink Diamond punched, still broken. Stevonnie is able to activate the tower's computer, remembering the activation code from having seen it in the dream, and uses it to contact Lars. Just as the large bird-like creature tries to break into the tower, Lars arrives in his starship and frightens the creature off. As Stevonnie prepares to return to Lars so he can send them home, they contemplate the broken window.

Stevonnie chose to stay fused when they landed on a jungle moon. They knew they were safer together. And, more than that, they knew they would rather face this hostile world together. This knowledge and closeness were portrayed perfectly in miniature in just one scene, in which Stevonnie shaves their stubble with the blade of a pink sword. The shot was masterful in how it both normalized and subverted so much in terms of gender, even as it was almost an aside, saying, quietly, I see you.

Stevonnie crash-lands in a jungle on an alien moon and, unable to contact Lars, must fend for themself. They discover that the moon houses an abandoned Gem base and orbits a former Gem colony, and have a strange dream involving the Diamonds.

After Ronaldo sees the barn on the moon, Steven goes up there and finds Lapis Lazuli using the moon base to spy on Steven and the Gems on Earth. While the two reconnect, Lapis is unsure about returning to Earth, but another vision from Steven prompts her decision.

The Astronomical Astronomer's Almanac to All Things Astronomy is featured in Owl's Well That Ends Well. As the name suggests, it is a guidebook relating to astronomical figures including "stars, moons, planets, [and] the universe". Spike accidentally burns the book's pages with his fire breath.

He joined and became a member of the NHO with Docm77, VintageBeef, and EthosLab. He built a giant treehouse surrounded by a dome in the jungle. He forged alliances with StressMonster101 and became an honorary member of the Allium Alliance. Halfway through Season 5, BdoubleO100 built a giant tree dome that was pranked by the members of La Revolution, Iskall85, and Rendog. He made 46 episodes this season before leaving early and rejoining later in Season 6. 041b061a72


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