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Fsx Aerosoft Twin Otter ((BETTER))

Filename:edaerstwotterp3dv4.zipLicense:Freeware, limited distributionAdded:15th June 2020, 18:28:02Downloads:369Author:Eric Dantes, Mauricio Illanes, George AranaSize:53345kb

Fsx Aerosoft Twin Otter

File Description:FS2004 Project Globe Twotter DHC6-300 Twin Otter, Winair Reg# PJ-WIM. Includes a new Ver 4.2.5 Panel and Sound Package. Includes all the latest updates with new exit door sounds ,Taxi gauge & more by Premier Aircraft.Design. The Aircraft included, a DHC6-300 Twin Otter. Model made completely in Gmax with wing views, dynamic shine, full suspension, rolling wheels, moving exits etc.

The Twin Otter is truly the small airliner that does it all. There is no aircraft that can land on tarmac runways, mudflats, water, sand, snow and ice. There is also no aircraft that does regular scheduled flights in both the Polar Regions, to airports at extreme altitude, tropical islands and to a beach in the UK. And it still does all that after decades or service. It is really a remarkable aircraft. Do not underestimate the Twin Otter, it is not a large twin engine general aviation aircraft, in complexity it really is a small airliner and the Twin Otter Extended will show the aircraft in its full complexity.

Nice little aircraft and especially useful for newcomers to flight simming or turbo prop aircraft. The navigation system leaves a lot to be desired but to me this is a slow and low visual base flyer. It is especially fun landing at small runways like SABA.Looks nice, even on a not so modest machine, sounds amazing (if twin turbo props are your thing) and the 'checklist' is a godsend.

Cockpit dials and gauges are clear and easy to read in most instances and the lighting is also good. Some of the switches do show off their lower poly looks but many others are good. The different versions including cargo, passenger, and skydiving options are all modelled well. The cargo version has twin doors, the passenger has fold out stairs with a nice animation, and the skydive version has its own configuration with a big exit point for skydivers.


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