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Sub Terra Anor

The first people in the region were the Drúedain, a hunter-gatherer people of Men who arrive in the First Age. They were pushed aside by later settlers and came to live in the pine-woods of the Druadan Forest[T 6] by the north-eastern White Mountains.[T 35] The next people settled in the White Mountains, and became known as the Men of the Mountains. They built a subterranean complex at Dunharrow, later known as the Paths of the Dead, which extended through the mountain-range from north to south.[T 13] They became subject to Sauron in the Dark Years. Fragments of pre-Númenórean languages survive in later ages in place-names such as Erech, Arnach, and Umbar.[T 36]

Sub Terra Anor

In his analysis of the historical lore of Númenor, Michael N. Stanton said close affinities are demonstrated between Elves and the descendants of Men of the West, not only in terms of blood heritage but also in "moral probity and nobility of demeanor", which gradually weakened over time due to "time, forgetfulness, and, in no small part, the machinations of Sauron".[23] The cultural ties between the Men of Gondor and Elves are reflected in the names of certain characters: for instance, Finduilas of Dol Amroth (the wife of Denethor and the sister of Prince Imrahil) shares her name with an Elf princess who lived during the First Age.[24]

Eä est mundus omnium rerum quae sunt. In Eä est terra, nomine Arda. Eä a deo Eru Ilúvatare creata est. In Arda sunt continentes Aman et Terra Media. Terra Media et Aman separabantur a Mari Magno (Sindarin: Belegaer).

Gondor (Sindarin "terra lapidis") est regnum in Terra Media. Gondor erat in Aetate Tertia. Incolae Gondoris sunt homines. Reges primi erant fratres Isildur et Anárion filii Elendilis, qui post casum Numenoris eunt ad Terram Mediam, ubi creant regnum Gondor et pater suus creat regnum Arnor.

Mordor (Sindarin "Terra Atra", Quenya "Terra Umbrae") est regio Terrae Mediae in terra fictiva Arda loquitur. Dominus Mordoris Sauron est. Mordor erat in orienti Terrae Mediae, in Aetate Secunda et Aetate Tertia.

In Mordore australi est lacus magnus aut mare Núrnen nomine. Planities in Mordore australi et circum Mare Nurnense nominatur Nurn, terra fecunda et irrigatur fluviis, ubi servi humani[1] et agricolae Orcenses cultivant latifundos, praecipue ruborum idaeorum, ut pro exercitibus Sauronis cibum faciant.

Suza aut Suzat (Anglice: The Shire "comitatus"; Lingua Communis: Sûza, Sûzat; Sindarin i Drann) est terra in Eriadore in occidenti Terrae Mediae. Incolae sunt Hobbites.

Aman est continens in occidenti Ardae. In Amane continente sunt regiones Valinor ("terra Valarum") et Eldamar. Incolae Valinoris sunt Valar et Maiar multi, incolae Eldamaris sunt Alfi.

Numenor (Quenya: Númenor / Númenórë, Adunaic: Anadûnê, "terra occidentalis"; Quenya: Atalantë, Adunaic: Akallabêth, "casum") est insula magna, quae in Mari Magno est. Ea erat in Aetate Secunda. Incolae sunt homines. 041b061a72


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