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The latest version of Adobe Fireworks download comes with new features, such as improved CSS support, quicker access to color, clean CSS code extraction from websites and apps, new jQuery mobile theme support, API access, and improved performance.

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The most obvious and oft-repeated criticism of the platform is the most simple - it offers no upgrade path for existing PSP owners. If you've bought a PSP previously, and own some UMDs for the machine, forget about the PSPgo. Lacking a UMD drive, it won't be able to play your discs - and after hinting at a service which would swap UMD copies for digital downloads, Sony has now announced that it'll do nothing of the sort. An offer of a few free games from a limited list for previous PSP owners is fairly weak compensation (and so far available only in Europe).

I still think Calvin Johnson can bounce back and crack that list in 2015, but at the moment, I see the aforementioned four guys as the leading contenders for top-dog status. Calvin Johnson ceded part of the spotlight in Detroit last season to Golden Tate, who proved capable of carrying the load while Megatron dealt with injury. But if Johnson is fully healthy this season, no one can match his combination of ability, speed and size. He has everything you need to be a successful receiver in the NFL. 350c69d7ab


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