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Jim Butcher Audio Book 16

We battle the creepy Outsiders who are moving in to fill the void left by the Red Court. Yikes. It brought back memories from previous books and hinted at things to come. OMG. We deal with some pretty intense battle scenes before Butcher sends us off to deal with the fairy courts.

jim butcher audio book 16

Hi, Kimberly. I was disappointed that Mab seemed to be so easily pushed aside by Ethinu in Peace Talks. For all of the previous books where she is referenced, she has been pretty much at the top of the food chain, entities are either afraid of her or at least aware of her. There just seemed to be a dismissal of her at the Party scene.

That's access to a Netflix-style "all you can eat" library of audio content, as well as one credit per month to redeem toward any audiobook in the catalog as a keeper. That's right -- once redeemed, the book is yours to listen to (and listen to again) even if you eventually cancel your membership, which you can do at any time. After that promo period, the service renews at its normal $15 monthly rate. Former subscribers to Audible don't qualify for this deal, which is good until Dec. 31.

But with a library this vast, where do you start? That's why CNET editors have come together and compiled this list of their favorite books available on Audible. So you can listen to some or all of these titles -- or whatever ones you wish to choose -- for just $24 over the next four months, and even keep four of them.

Remember, you can cancel at any time, and whatever books you downloaded with a credit remain yours to listen to and enjoy even if your membership is no longer active. And while we've linked to the individual titles below, you need to click on the link above to get the discount.

Before watching the movie, I had already fallen in love with The Martian. Originally read by R.C. Bray and now read by the ever-wonderful Wil Wheaton, the Martian feels custom-made to be an audiobook. Because it's mostly written in the first person, you really feel like you're listening to the mission logs of a man struggling to survive alone on a planet. I have both versions, though only Wheaton's version is currently available, and I urge you to get a copy. It's perfect commuting fodder. -- James Bricknell

Getting to Yes was not a book I would have tried to listen to on my own, but it was recommended to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The idea behind it is pretty simple: Negotiate arguments without feeling like you've given in. I was skeptical that it could help me, but it goes through tons of examples and I found new ways to get through tough discussions and make them more productive for everyone. I strongly recommend this to people who are facing issues with friends, coworkers and even family. -- Jared DiPane

I'm not sure I would've liked Amal El-Mohtar's and Max Gladstone's novel This Is How You Lose The Time War if I had not accidentally gotten it in audiobook form -- and I swear it's even more superb heard than read. The science fiction book tells the story of the titular time war from the perspective of two characters who, at first on opposite sides of a bloody conflict, become slowly intertwined.This epistolary storytelling is made richer by Cynthia Farrell and Emily Woo Zeller voicing the novel's two agents who circle each other across battlefields in different times and spaces. They leave messages that taunt and frustrate the other in alternating accounts, but soon that turns to connection and more -- all voiced more compellingly by Farrell and Zeller than I could imagine, turning a sci-fi book with queer characters into a slow-burn audio drama. -- David Lumb

This book is gorgeously narrated from multiple perspectives. Little Disasters examines the complex nature of motherhood and the secrets that can lurk behind a carefully cultivated image. -- Shelby Brown

The only Audible-only part of the Star Wars: The High Republic book run is presented in the form of a radio drama, with a full cast acting out all the parts. It's a fantastic story about the life and history of Nihill boss Lorna Dee, and adds a ton of fun color to the universe being built in The High Republic. -- Russell Holly

A chilling story of a group of theme park employees stranded at work during the storm of the century, and their fight for survival in the weeks that follow. This story works best as an audiobook because every chapter is told with a different voice, which matters a great deal when the story is presented in an interview format. -- Russell Holly

If you loved The Martian, Project Hail Mary will be pure pleasure. The Earth's very existence is in peril, and we have one last shot to save it. Weir does his typical, incredible job of weaving science and humor into all the drama. I specifically recommend this as an audiobook, though, because there are integral parts of the story that I cannot fathom as text. If I say anything more, I'll ruin the fun. So tick a lock. -- Natalie Weinstein

A narrator can make or break an audiobook. James Marsters, who has narrated all the Dresden Files books, is a master. He makes Harry Dresden, a wizard and private investigator, come to life. Battle Ground is Book 17 in this amazing series. But please start with Book 1! EW describes the series as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring Philip Marlowe." I can do no better. -- Natalie Weinstein

Next year, Ace Books will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Dresden Files series with a yearlong campaign. Fans can expect the first few chapters of Peace Talks to be released leading up to publication of the book, a series read-a-long, and special giveaways and contests every month in 2020. Ace Books will also reissue Storm Front, the first book in the series, in a new hardcover edition that will be sold exclusively at select comic cons.

The beginning of the book is taken by background information, which can help newcomers navigate the Dresden world, while long-time readers will find the narrative boring. As Butcher is finally able to move the plot forward, the readers are blessed for their patience by the gritty worldbuilding of the novel and a flurry in dark comedy.

All audiobooks are sent through USPS First Class and will arrive at your hands between 7 and 10 days after your purchase (usually much sooner than later). A link will be sent so you can track your product online.

This is a great WW2 story line for being a part of the Pacific theater. I was captivated from the first audio book. History unfolds before you. Real events are the foundations for the personal story. Having served in the Navy, I was back on board ship, in the boats, and smelling the tropical islands once again. These are all well written with great knowledge of the military, the history of the war, and lore of the seas. I look forward to rereading and re-listening to the series. I must for any Military history buff.

When I saw that this website claimed to have the audiobook of The First Man In Rome by Colleen McCullough, narrated by Jill Tanner, I was skeptical. I have looked high and low on the internet and this unabridged recording of the book is IMPOSSIBLE to find, at least where I live in the US. Most services (and all the libraries I checked!) only have the recording of the abridged version, read by a male narrator, which has been universally panned by readers as a bad abridgement. I decided I would take a chance, and ordered the CD set. (I include all this detail because I know there are others like me who periodically scour the internet for this recording.)

Motion. Audiobooks. Came. THROUGH. The CD's they sent were the real deal, the recording I had been looking for fruitlessly on the internet! Even better, I was able to buy the whole series on CD for less than I normally spend on a single audiobook. I can't tell you how excited I was!

Now, the audiobook itself was a little difficult to listen to for modern ears. I believe it was recorded in 1991, and distributed in a quality that made the file size small enough to fit on a few CD's - at the cost of audio quality. The high end of the audio has been clipped, so it sounds a little like hearing someone talk through a phone connection. However it's tolerable, and you get used to it. The other issue for me was the slow cadence of the files. I ended up putting all the files (there were 35 of them for the first book in the series, most of them 1hr 15m long) into a podcast app so I could take advantage of listening at speed, and with gaps automatically removed. I will say that the process of finding a CD player, getting the files onto my iPhone, and ultimately into my podcast app was a pain - but for a recording as rare as this, it was worth it! All of this I take to be issues with the master recording, not issues that MotionAudiobooks is responsible for.

As for the content of the book - I ultimately found the book very slow moving, and less than a thrill to read. Alas! But I was able to get through it for my book club, and that's what really matters to me.

No matter how much I like particular books, I have to listen to a series in order. So, I'm only on the first book which was harvested from a cassette tape edition. The first track, i.e. the first side of the first cassette, has some rough moments but it sorts out quickly with smooth listening ahead.

While I have always heard incredible things about the Dresden Files books, I have not previously had the pleasure of reading any of them yet. This is an admittedly massive gap in my fantasy reading knowledge, and it is one that I have been meaning to fill for a while. So when I recently received a copy of the latest novel in the series, Battle Ground, I figured that this would be a perfect opportunity to finally break into the series.

Well damn, Jim Butcher really went all out with Battle Ground and has produced one heck of an impressive novel. This was a spectacular read, filled with a lot of huge, epic moments, smart storytelling, extremely likeable characters and clever fantasy inclusions, all wrapped up with a fun sense of humour and excitement. Battle Ground is the 17th Dresden Files book, quickly following up the 16th book, Peace Talks (where several storylines explored in the novel originated). I had an absolute blast reading Battle Ground, and I do have to admit that I am currently feeling a lot of regret for not getting into this series a heck of a lot sooner, as this latest entry is easily one of my favourite books of 2020.


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