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A lonely passenger of a bus arrives in a rainy day in a remote place in Marseille; he stalks, follows and rapes the gorgeous Mélancolie 'Mellie' Mau (Marlène Jobert), who is married with a jealous husband that is a navigator of Air France and is coming back home. Mellie shoots and kills the masked rapist, but she does not call the police; she prefers to dump his body in the sea and destroy the evidences of his identity. Sooner, the mysterious Harry Dobbs (Charles Bronson) arrives in the location and meets Mellie. Harry seems to know what she has done, scaring Mellie and forcing her to tell the truth.The cult "Le Passager de la Pluie" is one of those unforgettable thrillers of my adolescence, with intelligent and witty dialogs in the duel between Mellie and the smart Harry Dobbs and one of the most beautiful music scores of the cinema history. In this movie, Charles Bronson certainly has the best performance of his successful career, and Marlène Jobert is impressively beautiful performing a very clever character. Unfortunately this film has not been released on DVD in Brazil, but at least the rare VHS has a good quality of image. My vote is eight.Title (Brazil): "O Passageiro da Chuva" ("The Passenger of the Rain")

Kill The Rapist movie torrent download

Montoya Santana (Edward James Olmos) is in prison as he recalls his life. His parents were zoot-suiters beaten by regular society. Her mother is raped by soldiers and Montoya is 16 years old 16 years later. He starts a gang with his friends J.D. and Mundo. During a break-in, J.D. is shot and the guys are thrown into juvenile hall. Santana kills his rapists on the first night. It earns him lots of respect and also a stay in Folsom State Prison once he turns 18. In Folsom, Santana (now played by Olmos), J.D. (William Forsythe) and Mundo (Pepe Serna) have a powerful gang called La Eme. They are ruthless. They use their power inside the prisons to leverage expansion once they are on the outside. Santana eventually has a change of heart.There is a nice sense of realism. It helps that the movie is inspired by some real people. It's not glossy. It doesn't glamorize the thug life but it's also not that gritty. Olmos has a quiet demeanor which does take away some of the energy. This is not some fun gangster movie or necessarily a scary prison movie. Edward James Olmos as a director is relying more on a simplistic style. He doesn't have the skills to make this cinematic. It feels sincere. It feels familiar.


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