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Jessie was 17 and I was 20. She was school friends with my best friend. She would crash at our place a lot, even when my (now ex) husband was home.We would get stoned and giggly together while he was playing WoW. Sometimes we would kiss, but we would say it was only experimental, because she had a new tongue piercing to test out.That metal barbell on my tongue felt amazing.I always joked, while my husband had his headset on, that one of these days I was going to make her cash those checks she'd been writing. After weeks of this, one day she shyly agreed to accompany me upstairs. I lifted my husband's headset and told him I was going to go fuck Jessie. He was raiding, so he tuned me out.Now, Jessie was a real suicide girl type. If bettie page had been a blonde. If monroe had been a kinky teen sex kitten.It started with massages in bed. Then I had her take off her clothes. I traveled from the neck and back to her breasts, butt cheeks, and inner thighs. Just massaging.She started to squirm and wiggle.My touch slowed and softened, and started grazing delicate areas. Letting my fingertips barely brush the tufts of her groomed little pussy. I would trace circles up her thighs, watching her slowly but surely spreading her legs for me. I then took the entire palm of my hand, and placed it just above her mound.I paused.She finally groaned out "Just DO it already!"My hand dove at her pussy lips, shocked to feel them so slick and so warm. I rubbed slow but firm circles on her outer labia, letting my middle finger stick out just slightly enough to part those slimy lips and bump against her protruding clit. Spreading the slick, I worked her pussy as she writhed and gasped. The gasps turned to moans as I brought my face down and put the broad side of my tongue flat against her clit, before lapping upwards and ending in a kiss tugging her pussylips out with a slurp. The kisses grew deeper and more urgent, and her knees began to quiver. Then, in one fell motion, I stiffen my tongue to a point, and slip my pointer finger inside her warm cunt. I attacked her clit fiercely jabbing it and nibbling at her. Her whole body tensed up, and she put her hands on my head, bucking her hips into me. When she came, she even squirted a few drops!Afterward, we high-fived, and she called me a "clit ninja".The next day, my husband wasn't pleased that I went off and fucked her. He could have joined, but he was 26, and didn't want any statutory charges.Any man who doesn't have the spine to join his young wife with a teenaged bettie page wasn't man enough for me. Hence the divorce.

I finger banged my step-niece (not blood related) when she was sleeping! it all started when she would come over the house with tight shorts on letting me see the camel toe and occasionally i would see side Vag form her loose sleeping shorts. The first time i seen her nude was an accident. she was taking a shower and her mother (my step-sister)opened the bathroom door walked away and left the door open my niece opened the shower door yelling for someone to close the door. through the bathroom mirror I seen her a young virgin girl soaping her tits and ass. from there on I knew I wanted to Fuck it. from that point on I would make excuses to touch her, one time she was chewing on a pen cap I told her it was dirty and to stop. I took the cap and told her would you put it in your mouth if it touched your butt, she said yea so i called her bluff. playfully I put my had down her shorts and slid my finger in her hot moist teen ass touching her ass hole and told her now put it in your mouth. I was surprised she did I wanted to go further but her lil brother was there. I would do the same sort of thing every so often to get a cheap feel and she would let me. no penetration to her i think she thought it was innocent playing. one day I caught wind she was not a virgin anymore. the next month she stayed the night and fell asleep in my room on my bed. I grinded on her ass felt her tits and eventually started to touch her pusssy. this pussy was so tight when I slid my One finger in her i could feel every ridge it was like the roof of a mouth. I plan to get her drunk now that is of age and fuck her all night anal as wel. 041b061a72


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