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The Troop

The initial pilot was shot in 2008 before being re-shot with a new cast (minus Purcell).[4] The show premiered to 3.5 million viewers on September 12, 2009 (premiering as a "Special Preview") right after iCarly's "iThink They Kissed".[5] The show officially premiered a week later. A companion website,, was launched alongside the show, featuring character and creature profiles based on real concept drawings the crew used to model the monsters. In March 2010, the series was picked up for a second season.[6]

The Troop

The Troop follows the story of five teenage boys and their Scoutmaster as they spend a weekend away on Falstaff Island, a remote island a short distance away from the town where they all live. The troop consists of Scoutmaster Tim Riggs (a middle-aged man and the town physician), Max (a mild mannered boy and best friend of Ephraim), Ephraim (nicknamed Eef, a boy prone to violent outbursts), Newt (a quiet, "nerdy" boy who is quite intelligent), Kent (a bold and tenacious boy prone to forcing his leadership among others), and Shelley (a deeply disturbed psychopathic boy).

The next day, Tim sends the boys off on a hike so that he can sort out a solution, remarking that he's starting to feel hungry. He makes his way to the beach to find that the stranger had arrived on a motorboat, but that the spark plugs needed to operate his boat were missing. On the hike, Kent forces his way into the lead and gets the troop lost. They eventually make their way to a clearing where they suddenly see a black military helicopter above them, which circles the island before returning to the mainland. When they get back to the cabin, they see their Scoutmaster, who mentions that he's lost at least 25 pounds since the previous evening. Sitting around the campfire and in a state of delirium,

Tim asks one of the boys to assist in performing a surgery on the man, rationalizing that it's the only way to help him. He asks Max (specifically since the boy's father is the local mortician), who reluctantly agrees to assist. Tim and Max enter the cabin while the rest of the troop wait outside. Tim crudely sets up an operating station, disinfecting poor medical equipment with whiskey, before taking a swig himself. With Max's uneasy help, Tim cuts open the stranger's stomach, when a giant, white worm bursts from the open wound. The stranger's eyes shoot open and he begins flailing about until the worm wraps itself around the stranger's neck, killing him. When the worm begins on a path towards Tim, he cuts the worm in two, killing it. Both Tim and Max leave the cabin in fear.

Outside, Tim explains to the rest of the troop what happened. Kent, intent on defying an adult's rule, goes to inspect the cabin, despite Tim's protest. All the boys, Tim included, follow him into the cabin, witnessing the mess. With unfortunate timing, Tim displays that he himself has become infected with whatever the stranger had. Kent seizes this opportunity to wrest power from the Scoutmaster and convinces the troop to help lock him in a closet. Tim pleads that he needs help, but is too weak to fight the boys off and eventually submits. Shelley then encourages Kent to have a "victory sip" of whiskey, the same bottle the Scoutmaster drank from earlier. They opt to sleep outside for the night and look for help the next day.

When the boys wake up, they notice two things. One, their cooler of food is missing and two, Kent is looking quite gaunt and skinny. The boys fight over who moved the food, eventually all conceding that an animal may have taken it. It's revealed through a flashback that Kent had stolen the food during the night and eaten the majority of it in ravenous hunger. While out looking for more food to eat, the boys realize that the storm, previously predicted to pass them, is now on a direct path heading for Falstaff Island. They rush back to the cabin and through the closet door ask Tim for help. Tim, his voice now laboured and "weird", tells the boys to get into the cellar before asking if any of them are infected. Shelley, determined to stir strife within the troop, blurts out that Kent is sick. Kent denies this.

The Troop contains stylised depictions of casualties being sustained in combat including representations of injury and death. The troop does NOT contain any depictions of gore, blood or wounds.

Twenty-four hours a day, troopers patrol the highways and byways that wind through county communities enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, investigating motor vehicle and criminal incidents, responding to calls for service, supporting the local police departments, and assisting the public whenever and wherever necessary.

Troop Program Resources is designed to serve as a planning tool for troop leaders. Its aim is to provide resources that contribute to making parts of the troop meeting more meaningful, engaging, and fun.

Remember that all funds collected, raised, earned, or otherwise received in the name of and for the benefit of Girl Scouting belong to the troop and must be used for the purposes of Girl Scouting. Funds are administered through the troop and do not belong to individuals.

Online Group Payment System: GSGATL has created a partnership with Cheddar UP to support troops and service units to collect group payments. Details on how to set up your account can be found here: Online Payments.

Use of a PayPal, Venmo, or CASH App account: Troops should be aware that these online systems are not banks and are not controlled by any banking laws. GSGATL recommends that troop funds be held in a bank which is insured by the FDIC.

When a troop disbands, any unused Girl Scout money left in the account becomes the property of the GSGATL. Troop funds are not the property of any individual girl. It is our practice, however, to allow girls to vote on what to do with troop funds. Before disbanding, ask your girls how they want to pay it forward: they may decide to:

Troops may not track individual girl balances within the troop account. Girls may not receive individual credit for funds or the portion of the troop account that resulted from their contributed troop dues or their money earned or product programs program troop proceeds. The IRS requires that 501(c)(3) organizations must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests. The IRS has issued rulings recently that organizations that earmark fundraising for particular members is a non-exempt activity and those organizations may be required to pay unrelated business income tax or lose their tax-exempt status. If you have any question on private benefit or troop account activities, please reach out to your Area Executive.

When closing a troop account, be sure all checks and other debits have cleared the account before you close it. Remember, you may have to close the account in person. Turn remaining funds over to a council staff member.

GSGATL Procedures for Additional Troop Money-Earning If a troop requires money-earning activities beyond GSGATL product programs for a specific purpose, then the following guidelines must be met.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program and other council-sponsored product sales are designed to unleash the entrepreneurial potential in your girls. From there, your troop may decide to earn additional funds on its own.

Troop disbanding or merging with another troop? We have helpful financial guidelines for troops disbanding in our Troop Banking Guidelines. Please scroll up to "Troop Banking Guidelines" at the top of this page to download the pdf. Let us know when the time has come to close out your bank account via this online form.

Will our troop be a single-grade level or facilitated as a multi-level troop with girls of many grade levels combined into one troop? If multi-level, how will we make sure they each get an age-appropriate experience?

How will we keep troop activities and decisions girl-led? Use the Volunteer Toolkit to help you through this process by exploring options for activities and reviewing the meeting plans and resource lists.

How often are we going to communicate with troop families? Which channels will we use to keep families in the loop? Effective communication will help set expectations and clarify parent/ caregiver responsibilities.

A Girl Scout troop/group must have a minimum of five girls and two approved adult volunteers. Be sure to double-check the volunteer-to-girl ratio table below to make sure you have the right number of adults present for group meetings, events, travel, and camping. Adults and girls registering in groups of fewer than five girls and two approved, unrelated adult volunteers, at least one of whom is female, will be registered as individual Girl Scouts to accurately reflect their status and program experience. Individual girls are always welcome to participate in Girl Scout activities and events.

From troop meetings to camping weekends and cookie booths, adult volunteers must always be present to ensure Girl Scouts have fun and stay safe, no matter their grade level. If you are not sure about the number of adults you will need for your activity, the chart below breaks down the minimum number of volunteers needed to supervise a specific number of Girl Scouts; your council may also establish maximums due to size or cost restrictions, so be sure to check with them as you plan your activity.

Volunteers are invited to reach out to their Membership Manager or our Customer Care Team to receive guidance on making troop meetings and troop activities inclusive of all girls by calling 877-764-5237 or emailing us at

Safety Activity Checkpoints. Safety is paramount in Girl Scouting, and Safety Activity Checkpoints contains everything you need to know to help keep your girls safe during a variety of exciting activities outside of their regular Girl Scout troop meetings.

We know that when you have the knowledge and skills you need to manage your girls, both you and your troop will thrive. Contact your council to ask about ongoing learning opportunities that will help you grow your skills and confidence. 041b061a72


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